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Cities of Mantua and Sabbioneta

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Mantova e Sabbioneta
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Via Teatro Olimpico, 2, Sabbioneta (MN)
+39 0375 221044

The cities of Mantua and Sabbioneta share a common quality.

On July 7th 2008, they became part of Unesco World Heritage sites list. Even though they are two different cities, shared history makes them into a single, unique treasure for all Humankind to cherish. 

Urbanism was an important subject during the Reinassance, the way streets, buildings and squares had in theory to follow the principles of reason and science tha were the norm at the time. Although such ideas could rarely be put to practice, Sabbioneta is a precious model of a newly founded settlement in which, starting at its defensive walls, roads arranged like a checkerboard and the strategic position of public spaces give it the label of Ideal City.

Mantua on the other hand is a prime example of the proper evolution of an existing location. Regardless of its Roman and Etruscan origins, the urban fabric was altered in order to adhere to the age's philosophy as much as possible.

This careful land planning was made by the Gonzaga Family in the areas where they ruled. The cities of Mantua and Sabbioneta have influenced eventual capitals all over Lombardy and Europe. 

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