The Hotel Nordik has a wellness centre, and is set in the popular ski resort of Santa Caterina Valfurva famous for its amazing scenery, good snowfall and challenging slopes. The Hotel Nordik is ideally situated just 150 metres from the Paradiso chairlift and 600 metres from the new 8-seater gondola taking you up more than 1000 metres to Sobretta. This comfortable and friendly hotel offers a tranquil setting and beautiful views of the Alps for those wishing to relax in a peaceful atmosphere. At the Hotel Nordik you can sample quality regional specialities at the restaurant as well as a selection of national and international cuisine. The professional and helpful staff will be happy to assist you in organising winter and summer activities including ski, snowboard and trekking. During winter the hotel may only be bookable for long stays of 2 or more nights

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  • Ascensore
  • Bar pubblico
  • Giardino
  • Menu vegetariano
  • Parcheggio/garage
  • Parco giochi
  • Ristorante
  • Senza barriere architettoniche
  • Servizio lavanderia
  • Servizio shuttle (stazione ferroviaria)


Santa Caterina Valfurva

Thirty-five kilometres of slopes for every level of difficulty
  • Mountains
Santa Caterina Valfurva
226 mt

Stelvio Park

Stelvio National Park lies at the heart of the Central Alps and includes typical valleys shaped by the action of ice and water
  • Parks
Stelvio Park
5.55 km


  • Mountains
11.16 km


  • Mountains
11.2 km

Bormio Terme

Swimming courses, tuina massages and a 60-metre long slide for sports lovers of any age
  • Wellness
Bormio Terme
11.49 km

The Rezia alpine botanical gardens Bormio

  • Active & Green
The “Rezia” Alpine Botanical Gardens – Bormio
11.76 km

Bormio: Bagni Vecchi and Bagni Nuovi

  • Wellness
Bagni Vecchi di Bormio
14.1 km