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5 thing-to-do in Como

Discover Como, its lake and what makes this place so special

Como contains lots of works of art, parks, museums, theatres, gardens and ancient buildings.

From churches to villas, from gardens to shop streets, from famous people in the history to modern VIPs, Como is a town with multiple faces, all to be discovered.

Como is a perfect starting point to visit Lake Como; the town is well connected to Milan, Monza, Lecco, and Switzerland by car and by train; it is also not far from Malpensa International Airport.

1. Museums of Como
Walking across the abbeys of the city centre, you are attracted to discover its secrets. To start this journey you can visit the best museums of the town. Below you can read some suggestions to plan your cultural excursion in Como.
Archaeological Museum Paolo Giovio and Historical Museum Giuseppe display local excavations remains, Risorgimento & Contemporary History and Ethnography elements of local past. Close to them there is also the Museum of Art, that displays works of local art from the 7th century until nowadays. But the star of the museum is Volta’s Museum, located in a neoclassical mausoleum in front of the lake. It shows the story of Alessandro Volta, scientist of Como who has invented the first battery. At the end of the tour, have a look at Silk Museum of Como, with an interesting collection about the silk tradition of the territory.

2. Seaplane Flight
If you don’t fear the height and don’t suffer of altitude sickness, be a part of an incredible experience! Take a look on Lake Como from above the clouds, thanks to Aero Club Como, one of the most ancient European flight clubs. You can fly in group or alone, to unveil the hidden corners of Lario hovering on it. Dominate the small towns and dive down close to the water… You can also be the pilot: pick the experience that fits you best!

3. Excursion to Brunate
A photograph is much more than a simple panorama impressed on a white paper. An experience like a holiday on Lake Como deserves a beautiful pic showing an unforgettable moment of your stay. From the funicular railway in Como you can reach the Alps Terrace in Brunate, a breath-taking panoramic viewpoint on the surrounding area. From up there you surely get a chance to take the best picture of your trip!

4. KM della Conoscenza
The path to knowledge is a lifelong, neverending quest. Lake Como's got its own version of the path, ready for the tourists: the Kilometre of Knowledge (“KM della Conoscenza”). The route connects three beautiful villas of Lake Como and their gardens: Villa Olmo, Villa del Grumello and Villa Sucota. Don’t miss that opportunity to be part of the dreamlike luxury world of Lake Como!

5. The cupola of Como
The Como Cathedral, also known as the Lake Cathedral, it's probably the single most important feature of the city. Impressive, glorious and massive, the church dedicated to Holy Mary dominates the whole Como: even while you're walking through the narrow alleys and cobblestone streets of the city centre, you're well aware of its presence. The Duomo is not only the main place of worship in Como, but it's also the third most important religious building in Lombardy.

Take me here: 5 thing-to-do in Como

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