• By airplane

    Milan is served by three airports - Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate and Orio al Serio International Airport (Bergamo) - which ensure frequent domestic and international connections.

    The airport of Milano Malpensa, the largest in the Milan area, has two terminals that offer many intercontinental connections, on top of numerous domestic and international routes. The airport is well connected with the Lombard capital: the journey by car takes about an hour along the A8 motorway (Milano-Laghi, Varese direction, Busto Arsizio-Malpensa junction). Moreover, the Malpensa Expressthe Malpensa Express rail link connects the international hub with the town.

    The Milano Linate airport, named after Enrico Forlanini, is a first-rate city airport. Urban bus line no. 73 (Via Gonzaga/Duomo, underground lines M1, M3) connects the airport of Milan Linate to the city of Milan. Moreover, private shuttle buses connect the airport to the city’s Central Railway Station (Stazione Centrale), the exhibition centres of Fiera Milano City and Rho, and Malpensa.

    The International Airport of Orio al Serio is the third airport of Milan. Located close to Bergamo, it is well connected with the centre of Milan, which is about an hour away. Moreover, buses run every 10 minutes connecting the Orio al Serio airport to the Central Station of Bergamo, and vice versa.

    Facilities available at all the airports include tourist information offices and car rental services, as well as first-rate shops and restaurants in which to while away longer waiting times.


  • By train

    With its optimal geographic positioning, Lombardy's capital - Milan - serves as a strategic rail hub.


    Trenord manages the suburban and regional service, the Malpensa Express airport connection service and the cross-border Lombardy-Canton Ticino service through the Swiss company TILO (50% owned by Trenord). www.trenord.it

    Regional routes
    National routes
    High-speed, international routes:
    Venice - Paris line with stops in Milan and Brescia
    In partnership with Thello (www.thello.com/en)

    Milan – Geneva
    Milan – Basel via Berna
    Milan – Zúrich
    In partnership with SBB (www.sbb.ch)

    Milan – Munich
    In part DB (www.bahn.com) y ÖBB (www.obb-italia.com)

    Milan – Vienna
    Milan – Innsbruck
    In partnership with ÖBB (www.obb-italia.com)
    Tel in Italy: 892021
    Tel abroad : +39 06 68475475
    Web: www.trenitalia.com/tcom-en

    National routes 
    Tel: +39 06 07 08
    Web: www.italotreno.it/en

    Regional and inter-regional routes, connecting Emilia Romagna - Lombardy
    Tel: +39 051 350111
    Web: www.tper.it

    Connecting Canton Grigioni (Switzerland) – Lombardy (Italia)
    Thusis - St. Moritz - Tirano Line
    Tel: +41 81 2886565
    Web: www.rhb.ch/en

    From Ticino to Lombardy, main cities, Malpensa Airport
    New lines: S40 Varese-Mendrisio-Como and S50 Varese-Lugano-Bellinzona
    Web: www.tilo.ch/en

  • By car

    With its extensive road network, Lombardy can easily be reached and travelled by car, motorcycle and camper.

    Its motorways are:
    A1: Connects Milan to Naples, via Bologna, Florence and Rome.
    A4: Connects Turin to Trieste, via Milan, Bergamo and Brescia.
    A7: Connects Milan to Genoa, via Pavia and Voghera.
    A8: Starts as a four-lane motorway in Milan, and from Lainate continues as a three-lane motorway to Varese.
    A9: Starts in Lainate and continues as a two-lane motorway to Ponte Chiasso and Switzerland, via Como.
    A21: Connects Turin to Brescia, via Voghera, Piacenza and Cremona.
    A22: Connects Modena to the Brenner Pass, via Mantua.