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Terme delle Piscine Airone

The chance discovery of an extremely pure natural spring has made Goito a spa destination
  • Wellness
Piscine Airone
7.44 km


It is located in a landscape of medium and low plain, designed in time by the Mincio and still dominated by country roads and canals
  • Villages
Village of Goito
7.91 km

The Bertone Park

Today visitors can use the many paths and walkways to explore the villa’s grounds and admire the lake and the rich vegetation
  • Parks
Parco delle Bertone
11.45 km

Fortress of solferino

Immersed in the green stands the mighty tower referred to "The Spy of Italy" for its strategic position
  • Art & Culture
Fortress of Solferino
11.74 km

From Desenzano del Garda to Mantua

  • Cycle Tourism
Il faro di Desenzano del Garda
11.81 km

Castellaro Lagusello

Castellaro Lagusello: a fortified village that is reflected in its heart-shaped pond, where you can enjoy tranquillity and nature.
  • Villages
Castellaro Lagusello
13.23 km