Abc Comfort Hotel Mantova City Centre is opposite Mantua Train Station and a short walk from the banks of River Mincio. Most rooms of Comfort Hotel Mantova overlook a peaceful courtyard and each one is equipped with air-conditioning, LCD TV, and a private bathroom with hairdryer. Buffet breakfast is served between 07:00 and 10:00. It includes espresso coffee and cappuccino, different varieties of tea, toasted bread, biscuits and cereals.


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  • Ascensore
  • Bar pubblico
  • Giardino
  • Parcheggio coperto
  • Parcheggio/garage
  • Ristorante
  • Sala TV
  • Senza barriere architettoniche
  • Servizio shuttle (stazione ferroviaria)
  • Si accettano animali di piccola taglia


House of Andrea Mantegna

  • Art & Culture
House of Andrea Mantegna
854 mt

Leon Battista Alberti Journey into Classicism

  • Religious Tourism
Churches of San Sebastiano and Sant'Andrea, churches in Mantua
871 mt

Cathedral of Mantua

The Cathedral of Mantua has an ancient history: some chronicles trace its foundation back to 313 a.D.
  • Religious Tourism
Cathedral of Mantua
1.13 km

Piazza sordello in mantua

Formerly St. Peter's Square, was not only the square of the Cathedral, but also the stage of the Gonzaga power
  • Art & Culture
Piazza Sordello in Mantua
1.14 km

Scientific theatre

  • Art & Culture
Scientific theatre
1.15 km

Palazzo Ducale of Mantua

The beauty of Palazzo Ducale, the Gonzaga residence, is hard to describe. It's maybe the most architecturally dense palace of its period.
  • Art & Culture
Palazzo Ducale of Mantua
1.18 km

Palazzo Te

Palazzo Te in Mantua, a villa with decorations inspired by antiquity. The brainchild of Giulio Romano and Federico II Gonzaga
  • Art & Culture
Palazzo Te
1.22 km

Village of grazie in curtatone

Land rich in tradition and history is part of the Mincio Park where the river expands to form the lakes that surround Mantua
  • Villages
Village of Grazie in Curtatone
5.63 km

Terme delle Piscine Airone

The chance discovery of an extremely pure natural spring has made Goito a spa destination
  • Wellness
Piscine Airone
13.3 km


It is located in a landscape of medium and low plain, designed in time by the Mincio and still dominated by country roads and canals
  • Villages
Village of Goito
13.85 km