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Relaxing Break in Lombardy

If you are in need of a relaxing break, Lombardy offers a wide range of chances to get away from monotony and daily life stress in order to reinvigorate both body and mind.

It does not matter if you only have a couple of hours, an entire day, the weekend or a whole week at your disposal, here you can find a suitable solution for you and your partner or spouse. The same goes if you are planning a wellness vacation in the Region with your family or a group of friends.

We present you 5 ways to take a relaxing break in Lombardy.  


Looking to treat yourselves to a relaxing break? Lombardy is the ideal destination due to its high volume of Spa Hotels, thermal baths and wellness centers. Let your stresss scurry away at a jacuzzi, get a soothing massage or a rigenerative treatment.

Where can you go? The area of Valtellina is a perfect vacations target with its beautiful landscapes: you can head to Bormio Terme, with its waters that reach a natural warm of  37 and 40 °C. It is great for respiratory ails.

If you seek wellness near Milan, you can choose from numerous structures in the zone of  Brianza, some of them are modern and allow visitors to enjoy the experience of their saunas, massages, outdoor swimming pool, golf courses, jogging lanes, solarium and much more. Or Sirmione, the pearl of Lake Garda and one of the most renowned and well-known spas in Europe. Then there is the area of Pavia, full of thermal bath centers surrounded by nature, allowing you to enjoy a weekend away from daily life.


Do you love nature and wish to stay all by yourself? Mountain stojourns can be an ideal solution in any season.

It is true that whenever you think of fun at high altitudes, snow and winter sports come to mind. Lombard mountains allow to engage in all kind of activities such as skiing, snowboarding, dogsled, etc. Yet mountains in Lombardy can easily be reached from every major city, offering the chance to rest in numerous lodges in the area. Here you can dedicate yourselves to take a relaxing walk or perhaps sip on a chalice of good wine and local dishes.

Do you wish a few examples? The Loa shelter at the  Park of Adamello, the Nicola lodge in Piani di Bobbio, or any of many structures available at the vast Stelvio Park. Take a stroll along Via dei Ciocc at Monte Alben, between Val Brembana and Val Seriana; here you will breath clean air and forget about the outside world.


Since we are talking about nature, let us suggest you to spend carefree hours in the middle of a lush vegetation during a relaxing, reinvigorating break. There is much to choose from in Lombardy, starting with its 4 large lakes and the charming scenery of its Natural Parks with trails that can be traversed walking or by bike. The Stelvio, Adamello and Alto Garda Bresciano parks, the Oglio Nord in Lake Iseo and the Mincio Park, just to mention a few. If choose to stay in Milan, you can always enjoy the Parco Nord and the Parco Agricolo Sud

There is also the possibility of staying in agrotourisms and farmhouses. Some are isolated and located in the middle of the countryside while others are near the lakes. In a few cases, they are educational farms in which it is possible to get your children to learn and have fun with the animals. You are guaranteed to eat and drink well in these places thanks to the local products that are served there.


Now we talk about gastronomy. No wonder since Lombardy counts with ancient culinary traditions, fine cold meats and cheeses, plus world-famous wines. Treat yourselves to a relaxing time and discover the scrumptious culinary proposals of this land. Take one of the Wine and Flavor Trails of Lombardy and find out.

You can savor outstanding DOCG and DOC wines in Franciacorta. Visit the wine cellars of its boroughs and vineyards. Go to Valtellina and taste delicacies such as the bresaola and pizzoccheri. This pasta dish is originary from Teglio (Sondrio), comprising of buckwheat ribbon noodles, potatoes, Savoy cabbage and Casera cheese.

Walk along these flavor itineraries in order to relax and find out interesting culinary and artistic creations. 


If you make part of the one million and three hundred thousand people that live in Milan and its immediate surroundings or if you wish to visit the regional capital in the following months, know that this city has plenty wellness and relaxation opportunities for all kinds of needs. It may seem strange, but this frantic, always active city offers unexpected corners to enjoy a relaxing break.

Go to the city parks, starting by the Sempione in downtown. Then there is the Indro Montanelli Garden in Porta Venezia. Milan's hinterland is a relaxing environment where you can go for a pic-nic if the weather allows it.

Obviously there is more to it than that. For instance, you could treat yourselves to an entire day at one of the several city Spas. Consider visiting the unique Spa of QC Termemilano a Porta Romana. It is located inside a former liberty-style ATM (Milanese Transportation Company) station. It is a journey into urban history beside the city's old defensive walls. It is also a culinary experience with its Aperiterme, blending wellness with local happy hours.

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