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5 Thing-to-do in Colico

The perfect place for your outdoor holiday on Lake Como

Colico connects the province of Lecco and Valtellina, but also the east side of the lake to the west side and the place where Adda river enters Lake Como.

For this reason, Colico has suffered several dominations, and it became a perfect place to control the territory. So, you can visit the fortified constructions spread around Colico. The town is also an oasis for who is looking for outdoor experiences: Colico is located between Mount Legnone and the lake, so you can try several sports and mountain activities.


Wakeboard e Kitesurf

If you are looking for a place to join the fray along with other kiters, Colico is all you need. Easy to reach and fully equipped, the low coast of Colico is the best to start racing between wind and water. The wind blows all year long, and being a sunny place you can't find a better area to sail, go kitesurfing or windsurfing. Let your Kite lead you!


Forte Fuentes and Montecchio Nord

In 1912, the high commander of the Italian Royal army, before the Grande Guerra (The Great War), initiated the building of a fortress (now Forte Montecchio Nord) on the Montecchio hill, along with the short piece of coast between Colico and the mouth of River Adda. Forte di Fuentes rises on Montecchio Est, in Pian di Spagna. This position is important because from the fortress the soldiers could control Valchiavenna and Valtellina. The visit of both, better with a guide, is possible during the weekend from March to November, and in the summertime (July and August) during the week.


Piona Abbey

Placed in a peninsula in the calm water of Lake Como, creating a green bay, Piona Abbey offers one of the most panoramic views above North Lake Como and above the western coast of Lario. Piona Abbey has a mysterious charm, may be created by the sound of wind that crosses the colonnade of this monastery. Walking around the courts, still cultivated by the monks who live in this marvelous place, you can admire a breath-taking view, breathing a calm and peaceful atmosphere, ideal to calm down anxious souls.

The mastery of Piona monks is a true story: still today they cultivate herbs, plants, and vegetables to create herbal cures and liqueurs, always using their ancient recipes and traditions.


Diving in Baia di Piona

The "Parco Tematico Subacqueo della Baia di Piona" was born from an idea to open the town to a new kind of tourism: scuba diving. Lake Como could be a destination for a niche of diving, maybe technically complex and not so amazing by the view. Few light, cold water, and not-friendly currents, make Lake Como like an unknown man, in an elegant dark suit, but cute and with an alluring gaze.

To test your limits and the fear of diving into Lake Como, we suggest a step at Parco Subacqueo of Piona, close to Colico.


Pian di Spagna: the house of nature

To the northern extremity of Lake Como, we find a particularly interesting area for landscape and nature. This is the protected oasis Pian di Spagna, located beyond the towns of Sorico, between the mouths of Mera and Adda rivers. This swampy area is an important nesting place for several species of birds which find their natural habitat amongst the silence of the reeds. In ancient time this area was considered very important for its strategic position; the marsh was drained by the Romans and was occupied by Spanish encampments for the entire XVI century from which is how it became named the Piano di Spagna (The Spanish Plain). The Spanish defensive mainstay was the fortress of Fuentes, located on the long-isolated headland that rises from the plain, and controlled the last section of the river Adda.


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5 Thing-to-do in Colico

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