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Lodi, places of spirit

Lodi’s network of cycle paths has reached the formidable length of nearly 250 kilometres, making it a veritable paradise for lovers of slow tourism
  • Religious Tourism
Lodi luoghi dell'anima
7.44 km

Lodi, invitation to court

Scenes of court life in the majestic Castle of Sant'Angelo Lodigiano that dominates the plain with an unequaled past
  • Art & Culture
Lodi, invitation to court
10.87 km

Castles Lodi

The history of a glorious past between the castles and fortresses of the Lodi area
  • Art & Culture
Castles Lodi, a guide to Lombardy
10.97 km

Visiting the Castle in the night

  • Art & Culture
Visiting the Castle in the night
11.15 km

Boroughs Cremona

Far from the chaotic city and traffic we immerse ourselves in the relaxed atmosphere of the Cremonese Boroughs
  • Villages
Boroughs Cremona, a hidden side of Lombardy
12.73 km

Montorfano oasis

Here is a forest reborn thanks to WWF: the Oasis of Montorfano, in the Municipality of Melegnano.
  • Active & Green
Montorfano Oasis
14.6 km

Noci park

The Parco delle Noci, located in Melegnano, is one of the first Urban Oasis built in Italy.
  • Active & Green
Noci Park
14.79 km