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A day at jurassic park at rivolta d adda

Our day starts early in the morning; we reach the Prehistoric Park at Rivolta d'Adda at some 15 miles from Milan: the kids are already thrilled.

The Prehistoric Park is actually a nature park covering a surface area of over 100 hectares. At the entrance there is the train that circles the park, but we decide to walk. The first reproduction we encounter is the Pterygota and the kids are already in love with this park that reproduces prehistoric animals in their natural habitats. After a few steps, we take a detour that leads us to the botanical itinerary. Even though the kids, at first, didn't know what to think of it, they ended up enjoying this area too, including all its wonderful colours and fragrances to discover, even though they were not as exciting as the dinosaurs. Back to the main route, the replicas of huge dinosaurs peaking out of the trees make the kids scream with delight. One of the best moments was however the area dedicated to the animals in semi-captivity, where deer, donkeys, goats and sheet live in large fenced areas allowing visitors to approach them without fear. Circling the beautiful Lake of Swans we could admire the mighty Plesiosaurus and the Stegosaurus, and then Brontosaurus from where we depart to the picnic area.

During the lunch break, the children played in the playground, while the grownups sat at the bar nearby, with many other visitors. We continued our tour by meeting many other dinosaurs, learning to know them. We remained speechless in front of the most feared of all dinosaurs: the Tyrannosaurus rex. There are also several reproductions of prehistoric men and especially, for the joy of children, a labyrinth. At the Lake of Egrets we stop to enjoy the panorama and the last moments of our family trip before returning back home. On our way back we met a reproduction of the Mammoth and then we took a visit to the Museum. The Paleontological Museum accommodates 60 items and 30 educational panels through which we were guided by Darwin, the paleontological dinosaur, a fun way to learn about history. The very last stop was the souvenir shop. We allowed the children to buy a souvenir. Then we took our way back home, feeling tired but very happy.

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