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Giro dell'Olgiatese

From: Como
To: Montorfano (CO)
1 h
Uphill: 0m

This trips starts from Como, heading to San Fermo della Batogia following towards Covallasca, a small village by the mountainside of Monte Sasso.


From this point you take SP 17 in direction for Olgiate Comasco, hometown of Alessandro Volta, where are Volta Palace and Villa Camilla.
From Olgiate you take SS 342 Varesina for abouf 20 Km, arriving in the industrious town of Cantù. Here you can stop to haye a visit and to partake a meal, thanks to the excellent restaurants and eating houses.
After this rest, you can go on with this tour reach the last village that you can visit driving through: Montorfano.

Place to visit:

Como: city known to world-wide level for the wonderful panorama on the lago. To visit the Dome absolutely.

Saint Fermo of Battaglia: it takes just the name from the war event of 1859 when the hunters of the Alps of G. Garibaldi they rejected the Austrians.

Cavallasca: Mount Pebble, famous for the trenches.

Olgiate Comasco: embedded like one pearl between morainic hills to goal road between Como and Varese. Very famous Villa Camilla, constructed in 1846, that he accommodates the library communal.

Cantù: was borned like village fortified in top to the Saint hill Paul. Most important the monumental com plex of Galliano, than it comprises the Basilica of Saint Vincenzo and the Baptistry of Saint Giovanni Batiste.

Montorfano: small village dipped in the green to the leet of the Orphaned mount. Romanesque church of Saint Giovanni Batiste laughed them to XI/XII century.

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