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From Erba to Como

From: Erba (CO)
To: Como
1,30 ore
Uphill: 539m

You will traverse the same road taken at the previous stage for a few kilometers until reaching the lake of Alserio. Go along its shores while the Alpine slopes on the right keep you company. The lake of Montorfano, nestled among the hills, makes for an inviting, pleasant sojourn.


Keep pedaling among its forests, away from buildings, and you will see Como in the distance, and its lake right behind it.
This stage is particularly brief: you could take the chance of walking along the city lake front, the Volta Temple will catch your attention above everything else. If you've visited Italy in the past, you might recognize it from the old 10,000 Italian lira bills, dedicated to the local inventor whose presenze is widespread all over this territory with various monuments and homages. If you still want to pedal, keep going along the lake's banks, traversing the eastern shores towards Cernobbio.


The path is difficult, even though only in part, but if you choose to do it, the panoramic view of the lake and the mountains that surround it will take your breath away. If you are particularly athletic you may reach the Beata Vergine Sanctuary at 1300 meters in mount Bisbino.

Route details
Roadbed: asphalt
Total elevation: 320 meters
Difficulty level: for experienced users

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