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Bosco Virgiliano

Today the Bosco is the biggest park in the town and is managed by the Associazione Anticittà
  • Active & Green
Bosco Virgiliano

Palazzo Ducale of Mantua

The beauty of Palazzo Ducale, the Gonzaga residence, is hard to describe. It's maybe the most architecturally dense palace of its period.
  • Art & Culture
Palazzo Ducale

Piazza sordello in mantua

Formerly St. Peter's Square, was not only the square of the Cathedral, but also the stage of the Gonzaga power
  • Art & Culture
Piazza Sordello in Mantua

From Desenzano del Garda to Mantua

  • Cycle Tourism
Il faro di Desenzano del Garda


  • Villages
Pomponesco (MN)

Rotonda di San Lorenzo

La chiesa è una delle tante costruite, secondo tradizione, da Matilde di Canossa
  • Art & Culture
Mantova, Rotonda di San Lorenzo

San Benedetto Po

  • Villages
Vista di San Benedetto Po (MN)

Terme delle Piscine Airone

The chance discovery of an extremely pure natural spring has made Goito a spa destination
  • Wellness
Piscine Airone