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Val d'Arigna

Ponte in Valtellina

The Arigna valley is the heart of the Orobic Alps - here you'll find the highest peak of  this mountain range: Pizzo Coca (3050 m a.s.l.). The valley is crossed by the Armisa creek and has ten glaciers. 

The valley is also of great botanical interest: this land is the natural habitat of several interesting flower species, sich as the Sanguisorba dodecandra and the Viola. 

In order to reach the valley, follow the signs for Casacce (along the SS 38 road) and then head for the power plant in Armisa or the settlment of Briotti. 

The Parco delle Orobie Valtellinesi, together with the secondary school De Simoni - Quadrio in Sondrio, recently joined forces in a project aimed at enhaning the historical, cultural and environmental value of the valley. The result was a digital map: by clicking on the points of interest, you'll see the videos made by the students: they'll tell you about the beauties of the valley and the several traditions of the Arigna Valley (link: Itinerario in val d'Arigna).