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In Valtellina along the course of the Adda river

From: Caiolo (SO)
To: Grosio (SO)
3,30 ore
Uphill: 797m

An itinerary that takes you through the Valtellina, the famous Lombard valley, sculpted by the course of the river Adda.

In the beginning, make a stop at the pond of Grosotto, and then take off pedalling. If you want to have a picnic, the rest area in Lovero, along with the Adda, is very well equipped with tables, kiosk and also a bowling green! Resume the route and arrive in Tirano, the last station of the journey of the red Bernina train that departs from Tirano-Sankt Moritz: The Sanctuary of the Madonna dating back to 1500 and mixes the renaissance and baroque styles.

Also in Tirano, visit also Palazzo Salis with its beautiful Italian garden and the museum of its 10 decorated rooms. Or, take a trip to the Contrada Beltramelli, a unique and innovative cultural experiment with widespread hospitality, permanent and temporary exhibitions, and food and wine tours: all in an evocative setting that is firm with its post-war rural life.

Continue to follow the road marked out by the Adda along the mountains and arrive in Sondrio, the capital of the Valtellina: the medieval Masegra Castle and the Palazzo Pretorio are in the historical centre of the city.

Pedalling a few kilometre and reach the final stage of the itinerary, Caiolo, in the heart of the Parco delle Orobie Valtellinesi: if you are not too tired, do a round of golf in his Great 18 hole golf course.


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