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Val Camonica

From: Bergamo
To: Cemmo (BS)
3 h
Uphill: 800m

This trip takes place between the provinces of Sondrio and Brescia, among amazing sceneries provided by valleys and mountains.


The path starts form Malonno province of Brescia, an ancient, feudal villoge as you
can easily notice looking at its three fowers.
Taking SS 42 in the direction for Tonale for 10 Km, you will cross Edolo, and its higher
Hamlet Mù.  From Edolo you can take SS 39 towards Tirano and tollowing this bendy rood you reach Teglio,  famous for the Aprica Pass and tor its castle.

Going on you arrive on Tirano, venue of a wondertul Cathedral of the Virgin Lady.
The trip keeps on towards Tovo San' Agata, with its wondertul castle and the tower, and
after this, fhe path hnishes when you arrive in Sondalo enchanting resot among the mountains  of Sondrio.

Places to visit:

Bergamo: The high part of the city with the Cathedral enclosed by wall in
a good state of And the tower, full Preservation.

Spinone al lago: great panorama  on Endine's Lake minerale.

Darfo-Boario: very famous ther mai bath and Minerai water springs.

Cividate Camuno: Wood Brickge built in 1830 berween Darfoe Corna You can find near the archeoiogicol park of Luine. famous place because here were found archeoiogical tools and a preistorical shack if you visit it, you can relieve your forefather history.

Capo di Ponte: Nationai Park of engravings ot Nacquane, reachable
through a narrow street in the Woods Place rich in nature.

Cemmo: San Siro Church withits bell tower on a precipice above Oglio River, center of the religious and administrative life of the country.


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