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From Monza to Erba

From: Monza
To: Erba (CO)
Mountain bike
2 ore
Uphill: 865m

With this stage you will start tracing a large ringroad within the Brianza. Monza will be the starting point since it can be reached by train easily.


Let's not start pedaling north just yet though, the city certainly deserves a thorough visit. Walk camly through the city center's historic squares and alleyways, plus keep an eye out for its interesting sights over the Lambro river. If you choose to stay for the whole day before exploring the park that surrounds the Royal Villa (which hosts the famous Formula 1 race track).

Leave the city behind and start pedaling towards north. Go upstream along the Lambro river. This entire route is slightly uphill, with a few hundred meters elevation. Quiet forest environments and the sounds of the river will help you pedal while nearby urban centers will allow you to easily find places to rest and restore your energies.
You will start to notice how the Prealps of Como get closer in the more open areas. But don't worry, this itinerary stops at the foothills. The tranquil waters of the lake of Alserio are suited for stopping by before going to Erba.


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