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From Lecco to Cassano d'Adda

From: Lecco
To: Cassano d'Adda (MI)
Mountain bike
2,45 ore
Uphill: 1023m

Just after leaving Lecco (not without getting a bag of Caviandini, alocal type of shortbread and sugar cookies), you will encounter the Adda river once more.


The lagoon of Garlate is an important part of the novel The Betrothed. The protagonist Lucia sailed across it whild escaping from the Innominato, leaving her hometown behind.
Keep pedaling along the winding shores of the Adda river, mostly covered by the shade of ifs forests. Say goodbye to the Prealps and enter the Po Valley. You can admire the remains of the Visconti Castle in Trezzo sull'Adda, built in 1370.

Take a detour just ahead and cross the Adda bridge, you will be greeted by a unique sight: the Crespi Village is a small city constructed in the late nineteenth century around a textile mill. Everything, from its streets, houses to the public buildings has been devised to fullfil the needs of the factory workers and their families. It is a rare example of illuminated urban planning of the time. Nowadays it a protected UNESCO site.

If you look right, you will see a large wooden millwheel, then you will know that Cassano d'Adda and the end of this route section are near. Take some time to visit Villa Borromeo and its 7 acres park. In order to admire the town's castle you need to cross the bridge, so you can grasp its stateliness from a distance.


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