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The earth pyramids of Postalesio

Rhaetic Alps

From: Postalesio centro
To: Riserva naturale delle Piramidi di Postalesio
Uphill: 300m


In the Rhaetic Alps there is a little village with a great natural treausure: the Pyramids of Postalesio natural reserve

The reserve, on the sunny side of middle Valtellina, in an area between 700 and 800 meters above sea level called "Il Prato" in Postalesio, consists of a small moraine deposit with debris of different sizes. Here the phenomenon of the "Pyramids of earth" is manifested, it arises from the erosive action exerted by rainwater that, falling, erodes and crumbles the soil made up of debris, leaving intact only the compact boulders. Besides the majestic view of the 7 main pyramids, it is also possible to observe some pyramids in their initial stage, thanks to a process that is still active today.

The natural reserves can be reached in two ways:

  • leave the car in the parking lot near the Town Hall and then follow the 1.5 km trail across the woods leading to the natural reserve. It takes about 40 minutes (difference in altitude: 300m) to reach the reserve. 
  • After reaching the town center of Postalesio by car, drive along the agro-sylvo-pastoral road until the large parking in "Il Prato". Park your car and follow the trail across the wood. In order to access the agro-sylbo-pastoral road it is necessary to buy a pass. 

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