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From Laveno-Mombello to Varese

From: Laveno-Mombello (VA)
To: Varese
1,30 ore
Uphill: 538m

This stage may have a few steep elevations, but do not worry: it is not a very long one, so you will have time to pedal slowly while you enjoy its scenery.


Once you leave Lake Maggiore behind, turn to the hinterland: the forests at the mountains in front of you make part of the Campo dei Fiori Regional Park. If you are trekking enthusiasts, choose to stay around for a few days and explore its trails.
Pedal some more in order to arrive to Lake Varese, with its splendid bike lane that traces the entire trip, with the lake on the right side and Campo dei Fiori on the left one, going among reeds and coots you will find a higher elevation in Schiranna. It will take you to the garden city of Varese.

From there you can go either south or north towards Switzerland, but not before traversing the lush forests that cover the territories of Valcuvia. Aftwards you will get to the charming Lake of Ghrirla, from here you can go to the shores of Ceresio. A total of 37 kms that go from Varese to Porto Ceresio in a trail that requires a minimum of physical preparation that nonetheless will be worth every burnt calorie.

Route details
Roadbed: 70% asphalt, 30% dirtroad
Total elevation: 290 meters
Difficulty level: for everyone

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