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From Cividate Camuno to Pisogne

From: Cividate Camuno (BS)
To: Pisogne (BS)
3 ore
Uphill: 371m

The Camonica Valley, a UNESCO site, is a vast plain that extends to the Central Alps in Lombardy. This route will pass through the Camuni towns in the province of Brescia.


The Oglio river cuts across the valley and is home to one of the largest collections of prehistoric rock art in the world. Visiting these places means to make a jump back in time, nearly eight thousand years ago to the Middle Ages and Sixteenth Century.

The itinerary begins in Cividate Camuno and terminates in Pisogne. From Cividate Camuno, near the Barberino Park, turn left on the dirt road that leads you to the church of Santa Maria of Esine. You will pass through the centre of the town and until the bank of the Grigna stream. Then cross the Oglio river on the wooden footbridge and then pick the bike path up again, heading south toward Darfo Boario Terme.

Here, you will come across an iron boardwalk, which will take you to the right bank of the Oglio river. Then onto the bicycle path from Bergamo, which terminates near the roundabout of Costa Volpino. Returning to the road and traffic, and passing on the other side of the river, follow the signs for Grattacasolo, until you see the pedestrian trail of the Oglio River that you will take until you reach the Pisogne station.


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