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From Castano Primo to Monza

From: Castano Primo (MI)
To: Monza
2,45 ore
Uphill: 397m

Start pedaling along the railroad from the station of Castano Primo. It is a very convenient solution in which you can arrive to the Canal of Villoresi in a short time.

This late XVIIIth century canal will guide you on your itinerary through the following stages, among trees and small towns scattered over the countryside.
This cycling and pedestrian path takes place in a plain territory, making it quite easy to follow on both sides of the canal.
Young couples should stop by near Nerviano and take a break at the Abbey and Sanctuary of Colorina, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, guardian of couples and newlyweds. From here, the canals curves will guide you into Lainate shortly after and the Villa Litta Park, which was awarded in 2016 as the most beautiful park in Italy. Besides its Italian garden, there are sculptures and waterworks that you cannot help but admire. Speaking of parks and villas, get ready for an outstanding visit to a one-kilometer tree-lined driveway that links the canal to Varedo's Villa Bagatti Valsecchi. yet another remarkable example of Lombard architecture. It is easy to reach it by bike from the canal, plus you get to see the garden that encircles it.
Keep going along the canal and you will reach Monza easily.

Route details
Roadbed: 70% asphalt, 30% dirtroad
Total elevation: none
Difficulty level: for everyone

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