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Between Vigevano and Mortara

From: Vigevano (PV)
To: Vigevano (PV)
4 ore
Uphill: 243m

An itinerary to discover the territory of Pavia. This path, which begins with the beautiful town of Vigevano, continues north-east, along the right bank of the Ticino river.

From here you'll continue toward the flat landscapes of the Padana plains, where you discover beautiful sights like the Castle of Cassolnovo and, finally, the town of Mortara, a well known-stop on the ancient route Via Francigena.

The itinerary begins and ends at the Vigevano Station. From the train station, you'll head toward the centre of the town and then the cemetery. Behind the latter begins the provincial route L1, which starts from the hydroelectric power plant. After a stretch along the side of the canal, which feeds into the main river, the itinerary continues on a country road until Cassolnovo.

On secondary roads you'll reach Villanova, then you'll continue on dirt roads. From the Castle of Villanova, continue until Mortara, always on the dirt roads. From the centre of Mortara you reach Sant'Albino, on a protected itinerary, and then take the provincial road in the direction of Pavia for a few hundred meters. Travelling on the right side of the old road towards Gambolò you'll reach Casoni del Peri, where you will turn left and continue to Cattanea. From there take Via della Morsella to reach the outskirts of Vigevano.


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