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From Bergamo to Cassano d'Adda

From: Bergamo
To: Cassano d'Adda (MI)
2,30 ore
Uphill: 200m

After enjoying in Bergamo some Polenta e oséi dessert, a great source of energy for cyclists, leave the city by going west until you reach the main element of the following stages: the Brembo river, which will guide you as you head south.. Its ripple will become more intense sometimes and dimmer in others depending on how far away from the river you get.

Take a brief detour near Brembate, and visit the park that features a miniature replica of Italy. It is perfect if you travel with children. Less than a kilometer away, there is the Crespi d'Adda Village, a unique place that has been labelled as a UNESCO Heritage site. This worker village was built in the late nineteenth century, it was designed to host the families of the employess of a factory facing the Adda river. Everybody had their own house with a garden and orchard and covered all their needs in a fine example of "Cradle to the Grave" care.
The spectacle of the Brembo reaching the Adda is just ahead. Follow the waterstream and once you see a large, wooden mill wheel, you will know that you are near Cassano d'Adda. This stage is brief, so you will have more than enough time to visit the lavish Villa Borromeo and its gardens. Try to go across the Adda bridge and admire the Visconti Castle mirrored in its water.


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