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Adda con Leonardo

From: Brivio (LC)
To: Imbersago (LC)
2 h
Uphill: 0m

This path borders the western bank of Adda river going south, and then yp along the eastern bank.


The ride starts from Imbersago direction south, going through Robbiate and direction south, going through Robbiate and arriving at Paderno d'Adda.
Following the villages along the western bank of the river, it goes toward Colnago and it crosses SP2, taking it in direction for Trezzo D'Adda.

From here, it you want you can even try a diversion to Vaprio d'Adda, where Leonardo da Vinci spent for 7 years, and then fo go back up foward Crespi.

From here. you have to take SP 170, riding your two-wheel racer for around 20 Km, until you arrive in Brivio, the end ot your path.

Places to visit:

Imbersago: Surrounded by hills and chestnut woods, with a view of Grigne and Resegone. Here you can find the famous ferry created by Leonardo da Vinci working thanks to the drift only.

Paderno d'Adda: Settled in the middle of Northern Adda Park, where you can find the Da Vinci ecomuseum, too. Here you can find the Paderno bridge, dating back to 1887/89, where nowadays there's the railway Seregno-Bergamo, renowned as an engineering wonder. Moreover, you can even visit the tamous waterway.

Trezzo d'Adda: here is the millennia-long tower where died Barnabò Visconti, in addiction to the Visconti castle of 1300.

Vaprio d'Adda: Leonardo lived here trom 1507 until 1513, it is betteto underline the traces and the signs left by the artist, In addiction to this,this village is settled in the Northern Adda Park, the pertect place for verdant walks and rides.

Brivio: this is an old town center with a small Jewish suburb on the river bank and where you can find anamazing 3,5 Km long bicycle and pedestrian lane.

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