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Duomo of Brescia

In the heart of the historic center of Brescia, the Duomo Nuovo and the Duomo Vecchio dominate the landscape of Piazza Paolo VI


The Duomo of Brescia is an important landmark of the Lioness of Italy. The old Cathedral is often called the Rotonda or roundabout due to its shape Winter concathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and is a Romanic construction from the XIth century. The New one on the other hand was erected between 1604 and 1825. Together they make a fascinating structure full of contrasts. 

Both are to major examples of romanic architecture in our country. 

The old Duomo of Brescia rises in Piazza Paolo VI, just like the new one, it is a beautiful roundbased monument erected upon a previous VIIth century basilica dedicated to Santa Maria Maggiore.

The new Cathedral is the third most importat Dome in Italy, painted by Cagnola in 1825 and featuring various architectural styles in its structure.