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Ancient mills and rural structures


The land of Varese hides many different rural structures: from ancient watermills to old stone houses in tiny mountain villages that you can only reach by foot or with the cableway. If you wanto to step back into the past, here's a list of spots you can't miss. 

Maglio (Maul) di Ghirla - it is one of the most ancient and well preserved in the province. Equipped with three wheels, it dates back to the eighteenth century and was still operational until the 1991. From 1996 the structure is owned and managed by the Comunità Montana del Piambello, that worked and is working on its restoration. Today it is often open for educational visits. It is situated few minutes away from the Via Francisca del Lucomagno path.

It is possible to book a guided tour.


Monteviasco - situated in the municipality of Curiglia, on the swiss border, Monteviasco is a tiny solitary village. You can only reach the village by foot, taking a path originally made of 1442 steps, or a cableway, built in 1989. Thanks to this isolation, the village and the buildings up there remained untouched, as if time had stopped. 



Mulini di Piero - Piero's mills are typically mountain constructions, built using stone and local timber. Here, traditions are preserved by its inhabitants and by a recent rebuilding project. Amongst farms raising goats and producing cheese from goats' milk, this cluster of rural buildings is of remarkable interest. Taking the path that runs alongside the mills, you can reach other mountain villages set in the green forest environment such as Biegno, Cangili, Monterecchio 'till the panoramic Alpe Forcora. 


Mulino Rigamonti - it is a watermill situated along the Margorabbia river. Today is still working, it produces flour, bran and polenta flour. It is recognized by Regione Lombardia as a historical shop, and it is possible to organize visits. 


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Cover photo: @tc_sinthemix