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October in Lombardy: five events for the weekend

Carlo Carrà in Milan, Festival of ethical photography in Lodi, BergamoScienza, Autunno Pavese and Orticolario. The five top events in Lombardy from 1 to 7 October.


Pavia | 5 – 8 October
Davide Oldani is one of the star chefs invited to show off his culinary skills at Autunno Pavese. On the evening of Friday 5 October he will revisit a comfort food classic with a  live demonstration showing how to prepare Zuppa alla Pavese. Between one cooking demonstration and the next, you can browse 4000 m² of local delicacies. Autunno Pavese, again hosted by the Palazzo delle Esposizioni this year, is the biggest food and wine event in the province. This long-standing perennial event (this is the 66th edition) is definitely something to be embarked on with an empty stomach.  Set of bravely with your glass strung round your neck in a pouch to discover cold cuts, cheeses, fungi, truffles, rice and wines from the region to the south of the river Po (Oltrepò). This extravaganza of taste is open until midnight.
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Various sites in Lodi | 6 – 28 October
This ethical photography festival invites us to hang onto our humanity, with the type of reportage that is increasingly less seen in the newspapers. One example is the powerful portfolio by Paula Bronstein on the exodus from Rohingya, 70,000 persecuted people fleeing from Myanmar, exhibited at the festival along with the top 30 contenders for the World Report Award 2018. The corner devoted to NGOs, non-governmental organisations involved in social work, recounts field experiences while the section entitled “Uno sguardo sul mondo” is a tribute to the French photographer Shah Marai, a France Press correspondent slain in an attack in Kabul. Alongside the exhibitions, there are meetings, guided tours with photographers, portfolio readings, book presentations and educational events for middle and high school students. This very busy schedule involves the entire city for all four weekends in October
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Bergamo | 6 – 21 October 
Sixteen days and over 160 meetings, all free to enter, designed to make science more approachable. One of the most charismatic guests at the 16th edition of BergamoScienza will be Craig Cameron Mello, awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2006 for his work on RNA interference, a mechanism used to suppress gene expression. His lecture on silencing genes will take place on Sunday 7 October. The festival will be opened on 6 October by the writer Ian McEwan and the neuroscientist Ray Dolan, who will talk about emotions as they are expressed by chemistry and literature. The festival will also welcome Jack Horner, Steven Spielberg’s scientific consultant on Jurassic Park. You can see the full schedule of meetings online.
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Milan | 4 October– 3 February 2019
Who was Carlo Carrà? He was an artist who was definitely never content to sit on his laurels and always ready to try out new forms of expression. The seven chapters of the exhibition at Palazzo Reale reflect the seven seasons of his painting, from Futurism to portraiture. Curated by Maria Cristina Bandera with the aid of Luca Carrà, the exhibition includes 130 works loaned from  major public and private Italian and international collections. This is one of the biggest and most important anthologies ever dedicated to the artist. It offers a great opportunity to get to know him better, as a painter and as a man. Photographs, letters and numerous films are exhibited alongside the paintings. Pick up an audio guide on your way in and allow yourself be transported by still lives and landscapes, symbols and colours, swimmers and mermaids.
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Como | 5 – 7 October
For three days, Italian nurserymen and amateur gardeners will bring luxuriant loads of plants and flowers to the park of Villa Erba, the aristocratic 19th century dwelling that was at one time home to Luchino Visconti. Discover hitherto unseen botanical species, consult gardening experts and have fun exploring installations such as modular gardens and sage castles. Herbs with magical powers are celebrated at this 10th edition, and you will find them in unimaginable varieties On Friday 5 October, there will be a chance to meet the journalist and writer Roy Lancaster, vice president of the Royal Horticultural Society and avid plantsman. He will be awarded the “Avant Gardening 2018” prize.
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Photo Villa d’Erba Cernobbio – Como @Luciano Movio

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