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Events in Lombardy: 5 not to miss

Exhibitions by Elliott Erwitt and Gerhard Richter, the Vigevano Palio, Gran Fondo Il Lombardia and Brera Design Days. Five unmissable events in Lombardy from 8 to 14 October 2018.


Milan | 12 - 18 October 2018

Seven days of meetings, exhibitions and workshops open to the public, from a children’s workshop on making your own electric toy to the Graphic Design Camp. Brera Design Days 2018 is centred around six locations: Laboratorio Formentini for publishing, Fondazione Feltrinelli, Microsoft House, Corriere della Sera’s Buzzati room, Milano Luiss Hub and Brera Design Apartment. The theme of the Festival’s third edition is Design Your Life. It is inspired by a  best-seller by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans who see design thinking as the secret to a fulfilling life The free app inLombardia Pass lists all the events with check-in instructions. 
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Mantua | Until 6 January 2019

The exhibition occupying the Napoleonic rooms of Palazzo Te is a meeting of giants featuring Titian and Gerhard Richter. Il Cielo sulla Terra (Heaven on Earth) features two masterpieces by Titian – the S. Rocco Annunciation and another kept in the National Museum of Capodimonte. These are interspersed with a trail of 17 works that Richter designed at the museum’s invitation. The great German artist fell in love with the Venetian Annunciation in 1972 when he visited Scuola Grande di San Rocco. He decided to make a copy of the painting to unpick its secrets and since then Titian’s work has always been a source of inspiration. The exhibition invites you to be enthralled by the mystery of vision. You can also explore two external itineraries: a route through the city to see the Annunciations in various churches and a collection of Annunciations on show at the Francesco Gonzaga Diocesan Museum.
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Pavia | 13 October 2018 – 27 January 2019

Ninety! This year, Elliott Erwitt is celebrating a special birthday and Pavia is joining in with a major retrospective at the Scuderie in Castello Visconteo. The exhibition, curated by Biba Giacchetti, gathers together 70 of the photographer’s most iconic shots. These include portraits of Marilyn, California Kiss (even if you don’t recognise the title, you have probably seen the photo) and photographs that freeze-frame history, like the portrait of Jackie Kennedy at the funeral of her husband John or  an apparently infuriated Nixon jabbing his finger at the chest of an icy Khrushchev. Follow the perceptive and ironic gaze  of one of the greatest masters of the lens and linger to smile at his self-portraits: Erwitt has always loved poking fun at himself and the final section of the exhibition dedicated to selfies is proof of this.
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Vigevano | 12  – 15 October 2018

The Palio fought between the contrade (neighbourhoods) of Vigevano throngs this courtly city with armour, flag bearers, jugglers, acrobats, musicians and archers. It begins at 8:45 PM on Friday 12 October with a torchlight procession bearing representatives of the 12 contrade  from the Duomo to the Chiesa di San Pietro Martire. On Saturday 13 October, from 4 PM, Piazza Ducale will ring to the sound of flagbearing shows, juggling, horses, jousting, dancing and music. At 9 PM, the nocturnal procession will set off towards the castle courtyard for “La notte sforzesca. The partying continues on Sunday with a historical parade and the Palio Games. Try out your archery on an ancient bow, cheer on your favourite contrada and try ricotta gnocchi with cinnamon and cane sugar from the Renaissance Tavern.
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Como – Bergamo |13  – 14 October 2018

For Como, the weekend of 13 and 14 October is all about cycling. On Saturday, spectators line the Lungo Lario Trento e Trieste to watch the arrival of riders on the 2018 Tour of Lombardy race, a classic autumnal event that marks the end of the professional cycling season. The race covers 241 kilometres from Bergamo to Como, with five hills climbing for 4000 m. On Sunday you can go to Viale Vittorio Veneto to watch the departure of the Gran Fondo, a race allowing amateur cyclists to test their endurance on  the roads that put the champions through their paces on the previous day. The finish line is at Civiglio, after 101.3 km and three historic hills: Ghisallo, Sormano con Muro and Colma. Spectators line this very tough and spectacular route to shout encouragement to the riders.
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