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Autumn in Lombardy: Four events for everyone

Music, sport, tastings and traditions. The four top events in Lombardy from 24 to 30 September. From StradivariFestival in Cremona to GimondiBike on Lake Iseo, taking in Lodi and Le Forme del Gusto.


Cremona | 28 September – 14 October 2018
The finest violin virtuosos in the world play against a backdrop of legendary instruments. During the sixth edition of StradivariFestival, eight concerts will be held in the Giovanni Arvedi Auditorium, part of the Museum of the Violin. The festival opens with Sarah Chang, a former child prodigy whose career is still soaring. On this occasion she will be playing a valuable Guarneri del Gesù violin. Nikolaj Znaider will be playing on 29th September, while James Ehnes and Laura van der Heijden will be on stage on 30 September. October will see the arrival of Kirill Troussov (4th), Maxim Vengerov (6th) and Vladimir Spivakov for the grand finale (on the 14th). This elite group of violinists will be joined by Sergej Krylov, whose participation is a festival within the festival. His first concert, entitled Krylov&Friends, will be held on 11 October with an ensemble of friends. The second will take place on 12 October and feature Krylov as soloist and conductor of the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra. All around you can see Cremona with its artistic masterpieces and violin-making workshops. UNESCO has declared traditional violin craftsmanship in Cremona to be an intangible cultural heritage.
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Iseo-Franciacorta | 30 September 2018
Gimondibike Iseo is celebrating its eighteenth birthday with a longer route: 49.3 kilometres in total, speeding through new vineyards. This is not the only new feature of the prestigious international MTB event; now the race will cross the railway twice. The first time on a bridge under the bridge built for the occasion, the second at the Borgonata level crossing, will add a layer of suspense: if the train arrives, the cyclists have to stop (as at Paris-Roubaix on the Tour de France). On Saturday, the day before the race, Iseo will be alive with packed bikes being delivered, EXPOGimondiBike opening in in Viale Europa and GimondiBike Baby, an event for registered cyclists aged between 7 and 12. The adult race starts at 10.30 in Viale Europa, but the start might be bought forward 10 minutes or so to allow for railway traffic.                                                                        Read more


Lodi | 28 - 30 September 2018
This year Le Forme del Gusto will last an extra day and continue into the evening with stands open until 10 PM on Friday and 11 PM on Saturday. The aim of this feast of outstanding local produce remains the same: to broadcast and appreciate the traditions of Lodi. As usual, the exhibition and marketplace for outstanding products is backed by a packed programme of meetings, tasting workshops and teaching opportunities for youngsters. One perennial event is the Raspadüra race, where the competitors vie to unwrap Grana or Tipico Lodigiano cheese moulds. There will also be guided tours to discover the attractions of Lodi, including boat trips on the river Adda.
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Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio | Until October 14 2018.
Autumn is deers’ mating season. While competing for a partner, males face vocal duels and, if not enough, fight each others with their horns. If you ever listened to the deer’s singing, you surely know this is an unforgettable experience. At Parco dello Stelvio, you can get onto its tracks with the help of high-skilled chaperones, by foot or by bike. In Val del Gallo, until October 14, e-bike excursions are organized every weekend: five hours in the woods, from 2 pm until 7 pm, departure and return in Concano. For online bookings, please visit the web-site www.bormio.eu.                                                                                                Read more

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