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NavigarMangiando...an alternative evening and a new way of experiencing the Navigli

NavigarMangiando is a different way of experiencing the historic Lombard canals.

For those that want to enjoy an alternative evening, as the spring canal tour season gets underway, it is possible to ride along the Navigli and stop in a restaurant for dinner.

The programme involves an evening boat ride to one of the many restaurants on the banks of the Naviglio, where you can enjoy a dinner based on typical local products before relaxing on the way back with a night-time trip along the magical Naviglio Grande as far as the jetty.

This navigation is possibile when there is ea minimum number is reached.
You can choose between two different possibilities:

Departure at 7.30 pm from Milan,  Alzaia Naviglio Grande 4,  with arrival at Trezzano sul Naviglio 9.00pm.  Dinner in a restaurant and at 11.00 pm we come back to Milan sailing the Naviglio Grande at night.  Arrival is at midnight.
Along the stretch of navigation departing from Milan you will admire Vicolo dei Lavandai, the Church of San Cristoforo, one of the symbols of Milan, passing from Buccinasco, Corsico to arrive at the mooring of Trezzano sul Naviglio just before the historic bridge at “back of mule ”.
After dinner, returning to Milan by boat, you can relax by sailing in the magical setting of the Naviglio Grande in the moonlight.

Adults € 68.00 - children € 36.00 (including navigation and dinner)
Below you can find the new menus of Osteria del Ponte and Cucina Undici, as well as the children's menu.

Departure at 19:30 from Milan,  Alzaia Naviglio Grande 4 and arrival in Corsico at 8.15pm. Dinner at the Antica Posta restaurant and at 10:30 pm we return to Milan sailing the Naviglio Grande at night.  Arrival is at 11.15pm.
Along the stretch of navigation departing from Milan you will admire the Vicolo dei Lavandai, the Church of San Cristoforo, one of the symbols of Milan, go from Buccinasco to Corsico.

Adults 62.00 - children 30.00 (including navigation and dinner)

INFO AND BOOKINGS: +39.02.30089940 - prenotazioni@navigareladda.it



Osteria del Ponte menù adulti
Osteria del Ponte menù bimbi
Cucina Undici menù adulti
Cucina Undici menù bimbi
Antica Posta menù bimbi
Antica Posta menù adulti

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