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Navigli by Boat

Did you know that it is possible to take a boat trip on the Milanese Navigli? Discover with us your ideal itinerary.

Near to the heart of every Milanese and must see for the tourists visiting the capital of Lombardy are the canals referred to as the Navigli.

First off, the Navigli are divided into the Naviglio Grande, the canal that stretches all the way from the Ticino River, the Naviglio di Bereguardo, the Naviglio di Paderno, the Naviglio Martesana and finally the Navigllio Pavese.

These canals represent a real heritage of the region as well as one of the historic neighborhoods of Milan, an artistic and traditional hotbed that gives life to the city.

Strolling along the dock, exploring the paths and stopping to discover the Vicolo dei Lavandai is one way, but seeing it directly from the water is an occasion not to miss. There are more routes and all of them focus on different aspects of the city and the zones they cross through.

For example, the route of the Conche has been thought to retrace the culturally rich Milanese Navigli. From the Alzaia Naviglio Grande you'll pass neighborhoods like San Cristoforo and underneath bridges called "Scodellino" (named after the old bistros there that would serve soup in small bowls, called Scodellino).

Another route is named after the Villas and Delights and is focused for those who want to see the Villas of Robecco Sul Naviglio and Cassinetta di Lugagnano, the village of Boffalora Sopra Ticino, the Rectory of Bernate Ticino and the staircase of Villa Clerici to Castelleto di Cuggiono.

A third route is dedicated to the Naviglio of the Martesana and will immerse you in the territory of the Adda Ecomuseo of Leonardo, pausing to enjoy the specialties of the Crespi village.

These "boat trips" are made by day, however if you're interested, you can take the same routes by night with the "NavigarMangiando" where you'll sail to a typical restaurant. You can purchase tickets onboard only if there are available positions.



Irene Cacciola

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