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Where to eat in Bergamo

5 typical restaurants to eat in Bergamo

In order to get to know a place thoroughly, it is necessary to dive into its traditions and thus its food. Knowing where to eat in Bergamo is always useful for embarking in a culinary journey in search for flavors that will make you feel like a local. Our guide will allow you to taste the authentic dishes of the Province of Bergamo.

1. Let's start our culinary trip with the Trattoria del Teatro, a historic business that is a little secluded even if it is in downtown Upper Bergamo at in Piazza Mascheroni. Classic wooden furnishings and simple ambiance serve to highlight the scrumptious traditional dishes it has been serving for over 50 years. Fettuccine with chamois sauce, baked kidskin, braised meat with polenta, a selection of local cold cuts and mushrooms are some of the kitchen's specialties. 

2. Staying in the Upper City, in the district of Borgo Canale, just next to the birthplace of Gaetano Donizetti, there is Antica Trattoria La Colombina. Its name derives from the gate of Porta Colombina, which probably made part of the Monastery of San Gottardo. Among its halls where time seems to have stopped or on its panoramic terrace, you can enjoy lard with herbs or baked pork shank, polenta taragna or local delicacies such as the nosècc - cabbage rolls filled with meat.

3. Trattoria Parietti is also located in the Upper City, in the suggestive area of Castagneta. A welcoming, family environment that hosts both conventions and smaller groups since 1974. Its more cherished dishes are the casoncelli made with white, thick pasta dough, lots of melted butter, sage and bacon, the scarpinòcc, risottos, baked rabbit and Grandma Ines' meatloaf.

Polenta taragna, one of Bergamo's delicacies

4. In Lower Bergamo on the other hand, gourmands should go to Trattoria Caironi. It is not easy to find since it is located in a hidden side street, but its dishes make the search worth it. Just like the outdoor sign says, this restaurant has been delighting both residents and tourists since 1928 with stracotti d'asino, punte ripiene, casoncelli, polenta taragna, desserts and outstanding Valcalepio wine. 

5. Another cult venue regarding local cuisine is the Ol Giopì&Margì restaurant in the old Borgo Palazzo. It is relatively new compared to other structures, but it has won the locals over. Tripe (called busèca in dialect), creamy risotto, cotechino sausage, horse jerky, piglet steaks...a varied menu that stays faithful to tradition, capable of fulfilling even the most discerning palates. Furthermore, its waitresses are dressed as Margì, a notorious character mask from the Commedia dell'Arte, which along that of Giopì, gives this business its name. 

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