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Street food in milan

Street food is the best solution for a quick lunch break and a snack

If there is one thing I adore in Milan, it is the enormous number of restaurants and places where you can taste all kinds of cuisine - from that of the regions of Italy to foreign dishes. And, as I have a healthy appetite, this is something I really enjoy!

But here I would like to tell you about the best places to eat your fill of street food in Milan, an ancient tradition that tells of the culinary culture of a country and which has recently been undergoing a great revival.

In Milan, for example, the stories and traditions of immigrant people have come together and united with new trends. And it is precisely here that street food has acquired new nuances, taking the best from all the regions of Italy.

You will all certainly have heard of the famous panzerotti of Luini, an authentic Milanese institution, handed down from generation to generation. These are panzerotti from Puglia, both in the "classic" version – that is, fried – and the "light" version baked in the oven, with different fillings, from the traditional mozzarella and tomato right through to sweet varieties. If you would like to try them, just go to the Cathedral area and you'll probably have to queue a bit, because the restaurant is very popular and also on the tourist trail.

But in Milan even the panino has managed to carve out a space for itself. Once just a filling snack with salami, it has survived to our days partly thanks to re-interpretation by famous chefs, such as Gualtiero Marchesi, who introduced the hamburger to one of his restaurants. 

Among the most famous panini in Milan are those of De Santis in Corso Magenta, historic sales point offering countless varieties of panini, from the more classic to irresistible innovations. There are also famous chains, which began as local companies here in Milan, then spread throughout the world. An example? Think of Il Panino Giusto. 

To enjoy excellent bread, as well as pizza and focaccia, a great idea might be to go to the baker's, the ideal place to taste good "street food" at reasonable prices. One of my favourite addresses is Princi, a contemporary bakery whose main operation is in Via Speronari. It was founded in 1986 by Rocco Princi, who had moved from Calabria to Milan. Here you will find an enormous variety of sourdough bread, as well as pizza and focaccia to take away and eat strolling through the city streets. 

But the offer does not end here. Milan also offers pizza by the slice, toasted sandwiches and fried food shops not to be disdained, to satisfy your every whim! And if you are nostalgic for New York style street food, don't worry! There is even an authentic Bagel Factory in Piazza XXIV Maggio. 

So, all that remains is to choose the street food that appeals to you most!

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