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Grape Harvest in Lombardy

September marks the passing of seasons, including the grape harvest in Lombardy. Nature bids farewell to the green hues of Summer in order to welcome the warm colors of autumn.

Herds celebrate the end of Summertime by going back to their high altitude barns while we try to beat the nostalgia of gone by vacations with joyful weekends discovering long-lost dishes, flavors and crafts.

After a week of keeping up with work and school, you will wish for time to stop and feel the joy "doing things slowly", just like our grandparents used to. 

Hills covered with vineyards still keep the spirit of fleeting summer while people attend the grape harvest on autumn's solemn beginning. It is a time of celebration #inLombardia.

It is time to pick grapes and press them while being barefoot in almost every province in the Region, just like in times of old. Savor the nectar past harvests. let your thoughts drift away among the vineyards while children learn the ways of a simpler life.

Thanks to the Cantine Aperte in Vendemmia initiative created by the Lombard Wine Tourism Association, which gathers and protects wine cellars that believe in the growing importance of wine tourism, from the 8th of September to the 1st of October 2017 we can all be part of the grape harvest. You only need a basket, shears and rubber boots, this includes children as well. 

Grape Harvest in Lombardy: scheduled appointments (foto @iviaggideirospi)

Grape harvest in several Lombard provinces takes place every sunday of september until october 1st.

All wine cellars that organize open harvesting in their program open at 10 am with a brief explanation on how wine is prepared and the right method for grape harvesting. Afterwards, grapes are pressed in special baskets at mid-afternoon.

There is also a programmed wine cellar visit and lunch, prepared with traditional dishes from these lands. The taste of a nice glass of wine will stay with you all day long!

Grape Harvest for children

The grape harvest in Lombardy is a celebration that involves the joy of both children and adults. If you seek for a winery that includes your children as well, you can visit Azienda Agricola Bosco Longhino on September 10th and 17th. It will be possible to visit its wine cellars and offers activities suitable for children with the purpose of discovering the unique world of wine.

Grab your backpack with an extra set of clothes for energetic kids and do not worry about them getting stained. Let them get dirty, their smile will make up for the extra time with the washing machine.

What to wear and bring for the grape harvest

Both adults and children are required to wear comfortable sportswear that can be washed easily, in case you wish to get barefoot into the grape press. Get yourselves a hat in case days get particularly hot and a camera to immortalize the smiles of the whole family. Don't forget to wear comfortable tennis or trekking shoes.

Pay attention when walking on slippery soil when wearing rubber boots, it might be less safe to walk among the vineyard rows.  

In case you come on a cold day, keep a sweater and a raincoat at hand, just as a snack to ease the pace for smaller children. Bring a small box as well so they can gather and keep mementos from this adventure.

A basket and some shears for picking grape clusters are usually provided by each wine making company, yet we recommend to contact them first in order to make sure before attending the grape harvest.

Where to go for grape harvest in Lombardy

If you live in Milan and wish to spend a pleasant, relaxing day, head to the San Colombano di Lambro's Grape Fair. It is possible to visit two wine cellars in this area: the Nettare dei Santi and Pietrasanta wineries. 

Open wine cellars in Pavia and province during harvest

The Montenato Griffini wine cellar will welcome children during the last 3 sundays of the month with a program full of interesting events. From a lecture on the history of wine, to the grape harvest. Lunch is included in the admission fee (15€).  

Contact the winery by email info@montenatogriffini.com for more information. 

Do not miss a visit to the Piccolo Bacco dei Quaroni and Azienda Agricola Bosco Longhino wineries as well. 

Open wine cellars in Franciacorta 

Castrezzone di Muscoline sul Garda's La Guarda winery welcomes adults and children alike on September 10th and 17th with active workshops. A smal refreshment will be included in the admission fee (15€ for adults, 10€ for children). For info and reservations: www.laguarda.com

Open wine cellars in Lecco and province during harvest

If you wish to enjoy a relaxing day among the vineyards of the Curone Park alongside live music, then Cascina Galbusera Nera is the place for you. Outdoor activities start at 4:30 pm, then a visit to the wine cellar and then process grapes into wine.

Open wine cellars in Varese and province during harvest

Sunday 24th of September and 1st of October at Angera's Cascina Piano you will be able to know more about the history of grape harvest while children have fun at the workshops and activities that are in program for them. A scrumptious snack is included. For info and reservations: www.cascinapiano.it

Open wine cellars in Mantua and province during harvest

Azienda Agricola Bertagna joins the open wine cellars initiative in sunday September 24th. From 10 am through 4:30 pm, you will be able to pick and gather grapes along your children. 

The Fattoria Colombara Gozzi makes part of the Cantine Junior initiative, welcoming kids in order to get them to know the world of wine. ù

Author: Alessandra Granata I Viaggi dei Rospi

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