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Vintage Steam Trains in Lombardy

Blue Train and Camuna Tourist Railway

The Camuna Tourist Railway offers splendid views along the Brescia - Iseo – Edolo line stretching off for 103 km (64 miles). The train departs from the city of Brescia and arrives at the foot of the Adamello peak after a charming trip through the Franciacorta region, the Lake Iseo and down in the Camonica Valley.

Like the Treno Blu, this line is supported by "F.T.I. – Ferrovie Turistiche Italiane", an association of volunteers for the promotion of the railway culture. The association also organizes other special trips on steam trains, especially during local events, festivals and initiatives. One of these events is the Treno del Torrone (Train of the Torrone) that takes passengers to the famous "Torrone Festival" in Cremona, another fun event is the ‘Murder on the Sebino Express', an engaging theatrical play staged on board the train.

The Treno dei Sapori (Train of Flavours) of Trenord, instead, takes you on a trip to the discovery of the traditional food products of the Franciacorta region, Lake Iseo and Camonica Valley. The train offers a menu of local dishes and wines; moreover, during the trip, passengers can make a stop and visit local wine producers and vineyards with a guide included in the price. It runs also during the holidays and weekends starting and arriving at Iseo. The train consists of a locomotive with two orange coaches dating back to the early 1900s and completely renovated interiors.

A trip on a steam train is a very special experience for the lovers of vintage trains, fine cuisine and nature offering the chance to enjoy the simple, timeless pleasures of life.

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