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Pass for the Rock Drawings in Valcamonica

Enjoy access to all the archaeological rock art parks in Valcamonica with a single ticket. Rediscover your cultural roots in a unique scenic landscape.

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The rock art in Valcamonica has been the first Italian site recognized by UNESCO in 1979. Over the years, archaeological research has brought to light an extraordinary variety of symbols, images and scenes of daily life that tell the story of over 10.000 years of human civilization on the rocks.In the Valley of Signs, as the Camonica Valley is called today, the various archaeological parks that make up the UNESCO site are set in natural and scenic landscapes of great value and uniqueness: in addition to the kingdom of rock art, you're also in a Biosphere Reserve, also recognized by UNESCO.In Val Camonica, among parks, museums and cultural sites, you will find the ideal place to rediscover your cultural roots, to learn more about human history, and to immerse yourself in the sensory experience of direct contact with nature.The pass for the archaeological rock art parks of the Valle Camonica allows you to visit, until December 31, 2021, the following sites:
- MuPre-National Museum of Prehistory of Valle Camonica in Capo di Ponte
- Naquane National Park of Rock Engravings in Capo di Ponte
- Cemmo National Archaeological Park in Capo di Ponte
- Seradina-Bedolina Archaeological Park in Capo di Ponte
- Rock Art Nature Reserve of Ceto, Cimbergo and Paspardo and Museum
- Luine Municipal Park in Darfo Boario Terme

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The parks and the prehistoric sites included in your ticket are just a few kilometers away from each other; the most significant distance is between Darfo B.T. and Capo di Ponte - about 20 km. You can reach them by car or you can take the train, the public buses or use the bike lane. The parks are signposted, but always check carefully the route, the travel time and - if necessary - where the parking area is:
- Capo di Ponte: National Museum of Prehistory (Via S. Martino 7) - Naquane Park (Loc. Naquane) - Cemmo National Park (Via Pieve di San Siro) - Seradina-Bedolina Park (Via Pieve di San Siro)
- Nadro di Ceto: Nature Reserve of Ceto, Cimbergo and Paspardo and Museum (Via Piana 29)
- Darfo Boario Terme: Luine Park (Via Coppelle)


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Starting from 11 €


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I parchi e i siti preistorici che puoi visitare con il biglietto cumulativo sono distanti pochi chilometri tra loro. La distanza più rilevante è quella tra Darfo e Capo di Ponte, circa 20 km. Puoi raggiungerli con il tuo mezzo privato oppure puoi utilizzare la ferrovia, gli autobus pubblici o la pista ciclabile. I parchi sono segnalati, ma verifica sempre con attenzione il percorso, la durata degli spostamenti e - se serve - dove sono i parcheggi: - Capo di Ponte: Museo Nazionale della Preistoria (Via S. Martino 7) - Parco di Seradina-Bedolina (Via Pieve di San Siro) - Parco dei Massi di Cemmo (Via Pieve di San Siro) - Parco di Naquane (Loc. Naquane) - Nadro di Ceto: Riserva Naturale e Museo Didattico di Ceto, Cimbergo e Paspardo (Via Piana 29) - Darfo Boario Terme: Parco di Luine (Via Coppelle).